5 Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Dry hair can be a thorn in the flesh of anyone who cares about their looks. It is one of the reasons why many people spend a lot of money and time trying to look for solutions. Finding a remedy that effectively gets rid of the problem is the desire of everyone.

According to reliable statistics, many people from across the world suffer from the effects of dry hair but do not know how to manage it. For instance, there are those whose cases are so extreme that they even suffer from hair loss. What they do not know is that there are simple things that they can do to avoid such situations. For instance, many home remedies for dry hair have been known to work perfectly well even though some of the things that you are required to use are those that you come across every day. What is important to understand is the fact that, unless you know the characteristics of the problem and its causes, it never will be possible for you to get the good treatment that you really want.

What does dry hair look like?

Dry Hair

There are several characteristics of dry hair. When the scalp is not hydrated, it causes the hair to lose its moisture. As a result, it becomes weak, brittle and starts to break more easily. It also splits at a faster rate and, if it is not well taken care of, can easily lead to hair loss. People who have this problem often find it difficult to keep long hair because simple processes such as combing or brushing can lead to massive breakages. It is one thing that makes it very difficult for you to wear a good hair style and so, it should be attended to as fast as possible in order to avoid any extreme effects.

Common causes of dry hair

The causes of this problem are varied. However, they can be classified into two major sections. There are those who suffer from it because of the situations that they go through and the things that their hair is exposed to, while others are simply victims of genetics. Exposure to too much sun, chlorine and other harsh elements can cause the hair to dry and make it very difficult to manage. You could also be suffering from this because you are using the wrong shampoo, treatment chemicals or other hair products, and all you need to do is to change.

For those who are victims of genetics, it can be a little difficult to change the situation. This is because it is something that runs in your genes. Your mother or any other person in your family suffered from this and so, it was passed onto you. However, that does not mean that you cannot make your hair look amazingly good because there are several ways in which you can overcome this challenging situation. All that you need to do is to find the right remedy for it.

Home remedies for dry hair that really work!

1. Vinegar – As per reliable studies, vinegar has hair moisturizing properties and is therefore likely to make your hair moist. With it, you do not have to use large amounts because all you need is just a tablespoon full for a single use. Just apply it to your hair and rub it in before you rinse and you will see the difference. It also is recommended to keep a travel size bottle of vinegar in your bathroom for this purpose so as to be sure that you will not miss it whenever you need it most.

2. Avocado – Avocado is one of the natural moisturizers and conditioners known to work perfectly well when it comes to dealing with fragile or damaged hair. It contains natural oils that are essential in the revitalization of hair and the scalp. This is one of the reasons why many people even use it in its raw form and still manage to record success. If you are not comfortable with applying it in its raw form, then you should simply look for natural products that contain it. There are many of them that can be bought from both on and offline stores.

3. Coconut oil – The biggest advantage of coconut oil is that it has revitalizing and reconditioning characteristics that make your hair moist. What it does is that it helps to restore the hair and the scalp to what it should be and so, the drying slowly fades off. It is one of the remedies that you can rely on so as to have a long term transformation to your hair. Even those who have this problem because of genetics can still use it to make their hair look just like one which has never had any such problem.

4. Olive oil – One of the things that make olive oil an essential requirement for people whose hair is dry is the fact that it not only nourishes and conditions it, but it also makes it stronger. When the hair is made stronger, chances of it breaking when being brushed or combed will be reduced, and this means that this problem will not go to the extremes. If you want the best results when using this remedy, you should warm the oil a little before applying it to the hair. Just make sure that you do not do it too much because you can damage it.

5. Use hot oil – According to reputed hair experts, using hot oil can help to keep your hair intact and prevent your hair from drying. Indeed, when you heat the oil, you make it more effective because it gets to the base of your hair more easily and helps to keep it moisturized even when the scalp is trying to dry up. The good thing is that there are over-the-counter hot oil products that you can buy and then proceed to heat them and apply to your hair when at home and at a time that is most convenient to you.

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