8 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Normal hair loss is when one looses approximately fifty to one hundred strands of hair per day. Dermatologists define excessive hair loss as the condition that occurs when an individual looses more than one hundred strands of hair per day. Hair loss normally happens to people who experience hormonal changes, unhealthy diets and certain levels of stress. During this time a person experiences thinning of the hair and appearance of bald patches. This condition is known as alopecia. There are many treatments that are advocated for treatment of hair loss and premature balding, but the most appropriate ones are the natural herbal remedies which combine certain home foods and oils. During pregnancy, excessive secretion of hormones can either result in excessive hair growth or loss.

Hair Loss

Natural treatment for hair loss involves the use of products and foods that can easily be found at home. Some of the recommended foods that will facilitate the growth of hair include the following:

Application and consumption of onion and garlic
Onion and garlic are among the precious foods that contain sulphur. Sulphur is an important element in the body, used in the increased production of collagen. High concentration of collagen in the body normally results to regrowth of hair. Collagen also aids in strengthening hair and keeping it healthy. The onion should be chopped into small, fine pieces and then the juice squeezed out. Wash your hands and apply juice on the scalp gently. Leave it to dry on your scalp for about twenty minutes. Use shampoo and warm water to rinse the scalp and dry your head. Crush cloves of garlic and then mix it with coconut oil in a bowl. Boil the mixture for about ten minutes and leave it to cool. Apply the mixture on the scalp gently, then massage. This process should be repeated three times per week. You should also consume the onions raw, probably in salad.

The use of coconut
Coconut is ideal in the natural conditioning and facilitation of hair growth. Coconut milk contains proteins that are ideal for stopping hair breakage. The coconut milk also contains essential fats and minerals that include potassium and iron, which, when used regularly, facilitates the growth of hair, giving it a healthy look. The minerals also strengthen the root of hair, thus preventing hair from falling off. Always consider the use of coconut oil and milk in cooking. Physical application involves the grating of coconut and squeezing out the milk. Mix the milk with warm water and apply the mixture on areas where there is baldness. Let the treatment stay overnight for effective and quick results. Wash your hair gently in the morning and dry it.

The use of henna
This is a natural hair remedy that has been used for a very long time in strengthening and giving hair color. It involves the use of henna leaves and mustard oil. Place 250 ml of mustard oil in a heating jar. Wash and dry henna leaves, then mix them with mustard oil. Boil the mixture till the leaves get totally burnt. Allow the mixture to cool, then use a clean cloth to filter out the oil. Store it in a cool and dry place. Use the oil regularly on your scalp for quick results.

Hibiscus is a natural hair remedy with tremendous rejuvenating properties that help in nourishing hair and preventing premature graying. The hibiscus flower prevents hair loss and also cures dandruff. The hibiscus flower should be crushed and mixed with sesame oil to create a fine, paste-like solution that is then applied on the scalp. Leave the solution for about thirty minutes, then rinse with water and shampoo. Use regularly for effective results.

Amla contains plenty of vitamin C and is ideal in preventing hair loss. It is rich in antioxidants and should be applied regularly on the scalp in order to prevent hair loss and strengthen hair. You should also consume amla for its concentration of vitamin C, which is a good component for the overall health of the body. Application involves crushing the fruit and extracting its juice. Apply the juice on scalp and leave it for about twenty minutes for it to dry. Rinse with warm water and dry the hair. Regular use is recommended for optimal results.

Use of eggs
Eggs contain sulphur, which facilitates the production of collagen, helping hair growth. Proteins and minerals such as iodine, phosphorus, iron and zinc are also some of the elements that make eggs perfect for the facilitation of hair growth and prevention of premature baldness. Preparation involves mixing the white of an egg with olive oil. Stir the mixture and leave it for some time for it to form a paste like solution. Apply the solution evenly on scalp and hair. Wash with warm water after twenty minutes. Use regularly for best results.

The use of aloe vera
Aloe vera is a natural remedy that balances the pH level of the scalp. It prevents loss of hair by curing an irritated and dry scalp. Preparation involves squeezing aloe vera juice, then applying gently to the scalp. Massage the head and allow to sit for two hours. Rinse the head with warm water and dry the hair. Use aloe vera three times a week for effective results.

The use of neem leaves
Neem leaves are very effective for preventing hair loss and premature balding. The leaves are boiled in clean water till the water level drops to a quarter of the initial level. Sieve the mixture to separate the liquid. Apply on hair and scalp. Rinse the hair after twenty minutes. Neem is recommended for use twice a week for effective results.

Diet tips used in preventing hair loss

Always consume a healthy diet that will not only ensure your general body health, but also the health of your hair. Hair requires proteins to grow and it is recommended that you eat the right amount of protein. Vitamins A, B, C and D are also important, and you should consider consuming foods that will give your body these vitamins. Vitamin B complex prevents hair loss and facilitates growth while vitamin C is essential in preventing premature graying of hair. Some healthy foods that can be eaten include spinach, nuts, fish, beans, carrots, prunes, green peas, oats, shrimp and walnuts. Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A, which nourishes the scalp, making it healthy and shiny. Prunes give the body abundant supply of iron, which is helpful in preventing early grayness of hair and stiffness. Green peas have zinc, iron and vitamin B elements, which are essential for hair growth. Oats contain the essential omega-6 fatty acids that are useful in the growth and nutrition of hair and the body in general. Shrimp is also important since it has vitamin B12 and zinc minerals, which are essential to the prevention of hair loss and premature baldness.

A good diet coupled with the home remedies will ensure that you always have strong and healthy hair that is easy to maintain. Always consume a balanced diet and maintain hair properly. The use of chemicals should also be avoided.

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