How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair at Home

Frizzy hair can be a disaster. No hairstyle will suit you due to this. You tend to lose your confidence and often get irritated. No matter how hard you try, it is just difficult to get rid of. That said there are various methods by which it is possible to eliminate this. In this article we are going to discuss a few techniques on how to tackle frizzy hair.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy Hair

There are a number of reasons that can cause frizzy hair. Other than bad maintenance, there are various reasons that lead to frizzy hair. We will discuss some of them in the following section:

Styling products: You need to use some hair care to avoid frizzy hair. You need not try every product that come your way, but at least the ones that work on your hair needs to be tested. This is extremely critical. Together with your stylist you need to discuss and lock on the action plan. Getting a good style takes time. But with time you will get there.

Wrong product: It is possible that you are using the wrong product for your hair treatment. Not every product works on everyone. Don’t rush to buy anything that is new. You need to understand what works for you. Don’t blindly choose a cheap product that might be detrimental in the future.

Over maintenance: Sometimes simple maintenance is not enough. You need to be extra cautious. One of the very common causes of frizzy hair is inadequate maintenance of the hair, especially during the nighttime. Doing your hair before you go to sleep is very important.

Inadequate drying: Drying your hair is very essential. People with kinks or curls suffer the most. If you don’t dry your hair properly, you are inviting frizz. Using a diffuser can greatly help your cause of fixing the frizzy hair.

Too much flat iron: For people with curls, overusing the flat iron can be very detrimental. As a result of overusing the flat iron it damages the curl to an extent where it was not supposed to be. The result? You end up getting frizzy hair.

5 Home Remedies for Frizzy Hair:

Natural rinses and homemade conditioners can be used to avoid frizzy hair. These are pretty inexpensive and easy ways to get hair back in shape. In this section we will explore few such methods:

Carbonated rinse: After you are done washing your hair give it a final rinse with carbonated water. For curly hair, often the culprit to cause frizz is humidity. A carbonated wash will reduce it because of their reduced pH content.

Vinegar made with apple cider: The method is pretty similar to the last one. After washing your hair, rinse it with equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar solution. This solution will not only help you get rid of frizz, but will make your hair shine.

Beer: This is a very good and inexpensive rinse choice for your hair. Other than removing frizz, beer will help your hair retain moisture and provide important nutrients. Wash your hair and rinse it with beer. Let the beer stay for a minute or two. Wash it off with cold water.

Avocado conditioner: You can prepare this conditioner easily at home. Take half an avocado along with mayonnaise solution. Make a paste and apply it on your hair. Cover all of your hair with plastic. Take a hot towel and wrap it around your head. Let the paste settle down and wait for 20 minutes before you wash it off. Apply this conditioner once a week until the condition of your hair has improved.

Olive oil: This is by far the best conditioner you have at your disposal. Take olive oil and warm it before applying it to your frizzy or curly hair. Use a hot towel in order to cover your head. Let the oil settle down. Wait for half an hour and wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it with cold hair, doing it systemically over a period of time will help you get rid of frizz.

Simple Tips to Control Frizzy Hair:

There are a few easy day-to-day methods, which, when done well, can lead to healthy hair. Removing frizz is a process and it takes time to get rid of it. Mentioned below are few tips that you must do in order to quickly get rid of frizz:

Wash your hair every alternate day: Often we wash our hair every day. This does more harm than good. Washing your hair every day results in dryness. Does not let the oil of the scalp to settle in. Avoid doing it to get rid of frizz.

Comb is a better option: Unlike a brush, combs will damage less hair. Comb your hair while it is still wet. This will ensure less breakage and no frizz.

Trim your hair: Make sure that you trim your hair regularly. The split end of a hair marks the beginning of hair fizz. To avoid frizz, trim your hair at least once every 2 months, if not more.

Use a blow dryer: An air dry will absorb all the moisture from your hair. Instead use a blow dryer. This will quickly dry your hair and prevent moisture absorption, which will get rid of frizzy hair.

Oil serum: Use an oil serum. This will help to counter hair frizz and also will nourish hair. Oil serum also ensures that your hair gets important nutrients such as keratin that it is naturally deprived off.


While there are no easy ways to tame hair frizz, there are adequate preventive measures that can be embedded. If you are suffering from frizzy hair, seek professional help. A stylist will be in a better position to assess your hair condition and advise you about the best course of action that will help you to fix your hair frizz quickly. Above all take good care of your hair from the initial days to avoid this.

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