How to Straighten Curly Hair – Tips to Maintain Your Straightened Hair

Only the owners of curly hair can fully understand the troubles that come with this types of tresses. Many curly haired women desire to straighten their hair, thus making it easier to maintain. This article provides a guide on how to straighten your hair and keep it that way.

Can Curly Hair Turn Straight on Its Own?

Curly Hair

Usually, for your hair to turn from straight to curly you have to visit the salon or use some of the well-known curling techniques, which may or may not involve heat application. However, there have been cases where individuals reported their hair turning curly without any intervention. One moment your hair is very straight and then gradually it starts to become wavy and eventually it curls completely. Others even report that their hair goes through a cycle where it changes to a curly hairstyle and then a few years later it turns straight again.

There is no definite explanation for straight hair going curly on its own. The best explanation asserted by hair experts is the influence of hormones on the hair. Follicles determine hair texture and these hair follicles, on the other hand, are greatly affected by hormonal changes in the body. This is why at puberty hair starts growing in certain regions of the body. Pregnant women may also notice an increase in hair growth as hormones rage through the body.

It is, therefore, only logical that the texture of hair also be influenced by hormones. This is, however, an unsubstantiated theory and research is still ongoing. Basically, curly hair can naturally turn straight on its own although it is not a common occurrence.

5 Ways to Straighten Curly Hair without Heat

To do away with the messy nature of curly hair, most people turn to heat application techniques to achieve straight hair. These techniques are, however, dangerous on the hair and can lead to a drastic weakening of the hair or extensions. Continued use of heat application methods can also make the hair become dull, dry, and brittle. So if you are looking to straighten your hair, the following 5 methods are the best. They do not use heat.

1. Blow-drying with cool air
Normal hair blow-drying uses heat to change the shape and texture of the hair. To avoid the damaging effects of heat, but still get your hair straight, blow-dry using cool air. Start by washing and conditioning your hair. Conditioning helps hair retain its moisture and essential oils so as to prevent curling as it dries. Next, dry your hair using a towel and apply an anti-frizz serum. The serum keeps the hair straight as it dries.

Take a blow dryer and use it at its coldest setting. Brush your hair into long tresses as you dry it out. Since there is no heat used, the blow-drying process can last for up to an hour. You, therefore, have to be patient. An alternative to blow-drying is sitting in front of a fan and brushing your hair as it is blown dry. After you are through, apply more anti-freeze serum to keep the hair straight.

2. Rolling
This is where you use hair rollers. As usual, start by washing and conditioning your hair. Make sure that you use a conditioner that’s meant for hair straightening. Dry your hair using a towel until the hair is damp, but not dripping wet. Use large uniform curlers to wrap your hair under. Ensure that the hair stays wet all through the process. As the hair dries, keep it straight by applying a setting lotion. Lastly, dry out your hair either by staying in a cool airy place or by blow-drying using cool air. After the hair dries, you can take out the curlers and brush your hair.

3. Brushing
Wash your hair and then deep condition it. Dry gently using a soft towel until it is only damp and then apply an anti-freeze serum. Go outside and stand where there is sunshine and let the sun’s warmth dry your hair. If it’s raining you can still dry your hair indoors in a warm place, but it will take longer. If you start sweating when you are outside, move indoors. Sweat will cause your hair to curl again. Brush your hair after it dries and apply more anti-freeze serum.

4. Chemical straightening
You may also decide to permanently set your hair in a straight texture. Be careful about using this method since it can cause some damage to your hair, especially if it is already damaged. Also note that you will have to repeat the process each time new hair grows. To get your hair chemically straightened, go to a salon and let an expert do it.

5. Ponytail
Wash your hair, condition it, and then dry towel it. Pull it into a tight ponytail and then brush the tail to get rid of all the curls and tangles. You can also use an anti-freeze serum to keep it straight until it completely dries. You can either keep the hair in a ponytail or loosen it and then brush it using a toothed comb.

Tips to Maintain Your Straightened Hair

• Do not use any shampoo or conditioner meant for curly hair. Check the label to ensure that it is for straight hair.

• Protect your hair overnight as you sleep. You can wrap it in a satin cloth. Before you wrap it make it a little damp to ensure that it does not dry out.

• Do not use any heat application techniques to dry your hair. When drying your hair start by using a soft towel and then go outside where it is cool and breezy. Alternatively you can use a fan or a blow dryer on the cold setting.

• Wash your hair regularly to prevent the buildup of oils. Oils tend to attract moisture making your hair frizzy. If you cannot manage to wash your hair every two days, use a dry shampoo or baby powder. These products absorb excess moisture and oils from the hair.

• On humid days, use a hair spray to prevent moisture from getting into your hair.

• Use serum to keep it straight, and a deep conditioner to supply natural oils and moisture. Most importantly, do not stress out your hair. As much as you hate curls, let them be now and then. Over processing hair will have the opposite effect from the one you intend.

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