What Causes Split Ends? – How to Repair It

Great hair is a head-turner. Jennifer Aniston reportedly spends hours and tons of money on her hair. It’s why men and women obsess about it, buying every hair product and beauty tool in the market hoping to create the perfect locks. Ironically, it is the very same products that can also create the dreaded split ends. If you have been wrestling with tripchoptlosis (split ends), here’s a simple guide to tame your tresses.

What are Split Ends?

There are different types of split ends, but in this case, let’s not split hairs (pun intended). Split ends are, apologies for being repetitive, the splitting of the hair usually at the end or along the strands. It’s a common problem that frustrates women because hair with split ends can become entangled into itself and loses that attractive movement that can mesmerize any onlooker. The hair shaft also becomes thinner and loses its shine. In a word, it’s a disaster. It’s a bad hair day all around when your locks have split ends.

Split Ends

Hair is made up largely of a protein called keratin. Frequent styling using a dryer or hair iron and excessive use of hair products affects the protein structure of the hair. It can dry out the moisture in the hair, thus causing the dreaded chipping and splitting of hairs. They are the top causes of split ends. Despite knowing the ill-effects of the overuse of hair products and tools, most women (and men, to some degree) just can’t leave the house without slathering one on.

Aside from harsh chemicals, the natural elements (sun, air, wind) also causes split ends. The sun dries up the moisture in the hair, while the other elements speed up the photochemical damage. Going out with wet hair is possibly the best way to damage your tresses.

Are Split Ends Bad for Your Hair?

Having split ends is not the end of the world. While split ends can dent your ego, its effects are fortunately confined to the id. Hair dies once it comes out of your scalp. To date, no technology has been invented to raise the dead, so the damage is limited to your current look. That said, split ends are only a symptom of a hair problem. The rest of it is probably dying of thirst very slowly. It means that the hair fiber is damaged and needs to be repaired. If no action is done to remedy the problem, you will be have split ends even after loping them off.

Can Split Ends Be Repaired Without Cutting?

The best thing to do when dealing with split ends is to cut the offending strands and prevent it from happening again. A fresh growth of hair will contain the needed vitamins and minerals that is essential to make your hair shine and look fabulous. No amount of shampoo and conditioner can repair the damaged locks. In fact, you may need to chop the locks off several times before you see results. It’s dead, and all you can do is to hold a proper burial.

Best Ways to Repair Split Ends

While the products that claim to heal and repair can make the hair look better, the solution is temporary. What they do is coat the hair with chemicals to make it look as if it’s whole again. It’s a trick of science, an illusion much like pouring water over potholes. The best way to repair the hair is to grow naturally healthy hair. Nonetheless, there are ways to improve the look of your hair and make it seem like it’s not really damaged.

1. Grow better locks by taking folic acid and biotin. They are the building blocks of protein. The right amount of keratin means that the hair is healthy and will not have split ends. Eat folic-rich foods like leafy green vegetables, soybeans, wheat and oranges. Consume brown rice, peas, walnuts and sunflower seeds for biotin.

2. Stop using styling tools while you are growing out your split ends. You need to retain moisture in your hair. Treat your hair as if it were silk, and don’t get rough with it. When drying your hair, refrain from vigorous rubbing. Most women tie their hair back with an elastic band in an attempt to conceal it. Don’t – you will regret it later on.

3. Use a shampoo that is moisture rich. Apply a deep conditioner every now and then to infuse moisture. And never ever leave the house with wet hair.

4. If you cannot avoid styling your hair, use some leave-in conditioner so that it will seal in the moisture and create a protective barrier. You can also leave it on overnight as a treatment.

5. You also have to take a vacation from salon treatments such as hair color, perms, highlights and straightening. You need to grow out the damaged hair so be patient if you want to have gorgeous hair. If you really have to, you can at least limit the number of times you abuse your tresses. Not only will you have healthier hair, you will also have a healthier wallet.

6. Trim your hair regularly. This can be upsetting to those who are growing out their hair, but nonetheless, snipping off those split ends every 4-6 weeks is the best way to deal with split ends. Long hair is sexy, but plenty of Hollywood stars have pulled off short hair. Besides, shorter hair can take off years from your face. The right cut also accentuates the features of your face. Just ask Halle Berry and Demi Moore!

7. Raid your kitchen for some natural products that can repair the damage to your hair. Mix some olive oil, egg, milk and sugar for an amazing hair mask. You can also combine honey and hot water in your shower to make your hair soft and shiny. Avocado and extra virgin olive oil are also great to use.

Have a fabulous hair day every day by just banishing split ends. Follow the tips above so that you can step out of the house confident that you can still rock someone’s world with one flip of your head.

Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/garethw/15119252404/

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